ICM7115 Phone IC

Datasheets (PDF)


  • Includes dialer, speech, and ringer circuit replacing two or more ICs.
  • Single board design meets multiple PTT requirements.
  • Support volume control.
  • Adjustable flash duration.
  • 32-digit last number redial.
  • Selectable tone/pulse dialing.
  • 13 to 70Hz ring frequency detection.
  • Operating range from 15 to 100mA.
  • Compatible with ICM7101D
Speech and Ringer IC


ICM7115 is a CMOS single chip telephone integrated circuit that meets multiple PTT requirements, allowing phone manufacturers to have single board design for various countries. This reduces inventory and simplify manufacturing processes.

ICM7115 integrates dialer, speech, and ringer circuits. The integration reduces component counts, hence increases product reliability.

ICM7115 supports volume up and volume down keys to allow user to adjust received audio level.


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