Product Description – Overview

The ICQ2810 is a single chip, broadband quadrature modulator RFIC designed to be used from 250 MHz to 1000 MHz. The device provides high output power and features excellent I/Q amplitude and phase balance and a high output P1dB. The part needs a low LO drive level and provides a 50 Ohm output.

The IC is available in industry standard 16L TSSOP and 16L SLP packages with exposed paddle for providing a very good RF and thermal ground.

Product Specifications

Functional Block Diagram

Function Demodulator
RF / LO Freq 250 – 1000 MHz
I/Q Freq DC – 100 MHz
OP1dB > +10dBm
Gain -4.5 dB
Supply Voltage +5V
Supply Current 76 mA
Package 16L SLP, 16L TSSOP
Typical performance data: LO=500 MHz, BB Freq = 40 MHz
Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

    • Output Frequency Range: 250MHz – 1000 MHz
    • I/Q Baseband Frequency Range: DC – 100 MHz
    • Low LO Requirement
    • Single +5V supply
    • Robust ESD
    • 3mm x 3mm 16-L SLP Package with exposed paddle. Provides superb RF and thermal ground.
    • Also available in 16-L TSSOP.

Product Applications

  • Cellular, PCS, GSM, CDMA Transceivers
  • GMSK, QPSK, QAM, SSB Modulators


1000 and above