ICQ2716 – Quadrature Demodulator with VGA

Product Description – Overview

The ICQ2716 is a single chip, broadband quadrature demodulator RFIC designed for UHF and microwave receiver IF applications. It is used to recover the I and Q baseband signals from IF. The device features excellent I/Q amplitude and phase balance, high P1dB and a wide gain control range.

The IC is available in industry standard 16L TSSOP and 16L SLP packages with exposed paddle for providing a very good RF and thermal ground.

Product Specifications

Functional Block Diagram

Function Demodulator
IF / LO Freq 200 – 600 MHz
I/Q Freq 0.05 – 80 MHz
Phase Error ±2 Deg
Amplitude Error ±0.3 dB
VGA Range 34 dB
Noise Figure 12 dB
Gain 29 dB
IP1dB -19 dBm
Supply Voltage +5V
Package 16L SLP, 16L TSSOP
Typical performance data @ 850 MHz
Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

    • Very Low LO Requirement
    • Gain control in 34dB steps
    • Excellent I/Q Amplitude and Phase Balance
    • High Input P1dB
    • Robust ESD
    • 3mm x 3mm 16-L SLP Package with exposed paddle. Provides superb RF and thermal ground.
    • Also available in 16-L TSSOP

Product Applications

  • Cellular, PCS, DCS, GSM, UMTS Transceivers
  • Digital and Spread Spectrum Communication Systems
  • ISM Band Transceivers – WLAN – IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth
  • UHF/Microwave Receiver IF Applications – Quadrature Demodulator in ISO/EPC compliant RFID Readers
  • Fixed Wireless Infrastructure, Wireless Local Loop


1000 and above