Product Description – Overview

The ICG2130 is a general purpose Broadband linear amplifier. It can be used for amplification in IF and RF applications from 100 MHz to 3000 MHz. The amplifier provides a gain of 17dB typically at 850 MHz and has single ended input and output, internally matched to 50 Ohm. The device can be operated with a single +3V supply.

Product Specifications

Functional Block Diagram

Freq Range DC to 3000MHz
Gain 17 dB
Output IP3 26 dBm
Output P1dB 13.8 dBm
Noise Figure 3.4 dB
Supply Voltage +3V
Supply Current 30mA
Package 6-Lead SOT23
Typical Performance data @ 850 MHz
Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

    • Characterized for 100-3000MHz Operation
    • Single Voltage Suppply
    • Low Current Consumption: 30mA at 3V typ.
    • Input/Output internally matched to 50 Ohm
    • Robust ESD
    • 3mm x 3mm 6-Lead SOT23 Package

Product Applications

Cellular, PCS, GSM, UMTS, WLAN/HiPerLAN, Bluetooth/ISM, SATTV, RFID etc.

  • Driver / Pre-Driver Amplifier for PA
  • Final PA for low power applications – functions as a low power antenna driver
  • IF or RF Buffer Amplifier
  • Driver for CATV/SAT TV Amplifier
  • VCO Buffer (Local Oscillator Buffer Amplifier Driving Up/Down Converter)
  • General Rx/Tx Amplification
  • LNB IF Path
  • I/Q Buffer and VCO Buffer in RFID Readers HF/UHF/Microwave (ISO/EPC compliant)


1000 and above