Product Description – Overview

The ICL2001-23 is a low cost, high third-order intercept (IP3) low noise amplifier designed for applications in cellular, cordless telephony and ISM systems etc. The device operates from a single +3V supply, has 7dB of gain control range and is available in a small 6-pin SOT23 package. With appropriate matching circuits, the device can be tuned for desired performance.

Product Specifications

Functional Block Diagram

Freq Range 800 – 900 MHz
Gain 15.2 dB
IIP3 -10 dBm
IP1dB -10 dBm
Noise Figure 1.4 dB
Supply Voltage +3V
Supply Current 6mA
Package 6-Lead SOT23
Typical Performance data @ 850 MHz
Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

    • Hi Gain / Lo Gain Mode
    • Low Noise Figure
    • High Input Intercept
    • Unconditionally stable
    • Low power consumption
    • Single supply voltage
    • Robust ESD
    • Small Package: SOT23

Product Applications

Receivers, Cellular, Cordless telephones, 868/900MHz ISM Band Wireless Data etc.


1000 and above