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January 30, 2012

Cyberjaya, Malaysia, 30 January, 2012: IC MICROSYSTEMS Sdn. Bhd. (ICmic), a leading Malaysian-based fabless IC [integrated circuit] Design company with headquarters in Cyberjaya, announces their entry into ultra low power data converter by introducing the new 1.2V 12-Bit Ultra Low Power rail to rail voltage output DAC, the ICM7712.

ICmic’s ICM7712 breaks new ground by operating on an extremely low supply voltage of 0.9V to 1.3V. Even though operates at such a low supply voltage it offers true 12 bits of resolution with guaranteed monotonic performance with excellent DNL and INL. It has a high performance CMOS rail-to-rail voltage output amplifier that settles in less than 1 micro-second to 12 bits of resolution. The interface is a standard 3 wire serial interface allowing for ease of use to the customer. The reference input can also be connected to either supply rail which adds flexibility for the user. The supply current is typically below 500 micro-amperes allowing for very low power consumption and ideal for battery operated or power sensitive applications.

“Our new Ultra Low Power rail to rail voltage output DAC offers unique and exciting features which we believe to be the Industry’s first. It offers 12 bits of resolution at an incredibly low supply voltage of 0.9V to 1.3V. Its supply current is typically under 500 micro-amps and it has a versatile CMOS rail-to-rail voltage output amplifier. Its reference input can be driven to any value up to the supply voltage offering more convenience and flexibility for the user” said Mr. Abdul Rashid Munir, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of ICmic. He added, “ICmic is breaking new ground with the introduction of this part and we are indeed very excited with this new product launch”.

The ICM7712 comes initially with 8-lead TSSOP Package and is available at the price of $3.50 for each for order of 1,000 units.

The target applications include battery-powered applications, audio applications, industrial process control and digital gain & offset adjustment.

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About ICmic

ICmic Sdn Bhd ( is a Malaysia’s leading IC [integrated circuit] Design Company based in Cyberjaya. It is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company and has a global customer base with proven products performance in costs and technology. ICmic was the winner of Malaysia’s Most Innovative SME 2010. The company’s product portfolio includes world-class Mixed-Signal ICs in the form of Digital to Analog Converters ICs and fixed-line Phone ICs. It has also developed RF ICs.

For more information, please contact M. Radzi M. Noor at +603 8319 1919 or