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March 13, 2019

Mr. Sairan Sakrani

  • Mr. Sairan Sakrani graduated in Master of Engineering (Electrical) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Columbia Univ., New York City, with BSc. in Electrical Engineering.
  • Currently he is a Vice President, IC Design in IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd. He has a strong track record of technical leadership in IC and Application Design. He experienced of designing many products from concept to full commercialization.
  • Started career with Motorola Malaysia as Staff Engineer/Test Engineering Leader – led test programs and in-house automation development group. Key technical person involved in the design and development of Smart-Precision- Agriculture systems/products.
  • Led telecommunication product group – designed/developed new products for wired-line phone applications, including Caller ID phone and initiated manufacturing setup for wired-line phone business.
  • Set-up, developed and managed group responsible for full-custom mixed-signal product design and development. Designed and developed design kits for 0.35um and 0.6um process from scratch.

Mr. Imran Munshi

  • Mr. Imran Munshi graduated in Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering from Mumbai University affiliate college. Currently he is a System Design Manager in IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd.
  • He has worked during college years delivering 2 products for Force Security Systems: RFID Attendance System with data logging on SD Card and hazard warning system.
  • As R&D Engineer in Quasar Innovative Solutions, he delivered solar automatic lamps and¬†Zigbee based WPAN system for hazard detection & warning for small residential complexes.
  • As Hardware Engineer at Technology Against ALS Foundation, he worked on a system for sensing and processing available motor senses of ALS & locked-in syndrome patients:
    > TA-ALS Communicator hardware and firmware [Patent pending design for TA-ALS]
    1. Head mounted system for sensing pupil movements, head movements.
    2. Sub systems for sensing flex movements, touch and pressure inputs.
    > AI based sensing of pupil movements on a head mounted MCU unit
    > Firmware & low-level API for head mounted system and other connected sub-systems.